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Giuseppe Gori
Founder, Chairman and CEO

Giuseppe has a doctorate degree in Computer Science from the University of Pisa, Italy. He has vast experience in computer network research and development with IBM in Italy and Canada. He also served as assistant professor of computer science at the University of Pisa and visiting professor at Western University, represented Canada at international meetings on communication standards and consulted for several communication companies in Toronto (e.g., Bell Canada, AT&T).

Mauro Cappa
Co-Founder, Director, Director of Engineering

Mauro has a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto, Computer Group. Prior to Gorbyte, he served as Research & Development manger at IBM, where he provided Project Management and Quality Assurance for a wide range of computer products, including eCommerce and Wireless LAN products. Mauro led a team of approximately 30 professionals responsible to test and release IBM Websphere Commerce Suite, a mult-platform application written in Java with several million lines of code.

M. Amer Husain, BS, BFP, FCA
Co-Founder, Director, Chief Financial Officer

Amer holds a BSc Hons Physics from the University of London, First Class Hons, awarded the Leo Pincherle Prize, and second position in the University of London-wide Grenville prize in Hons. Prior to Gorbyte, Amer served as Group Director for TMX and worked in the financial services industry with several major banks. He served as VP, Chief Operating Officer Citibank Credit Structures division – Finance, Control and Operations – London, England, the Sumimoto Bank, London, England, was Head of Custodian Services – Morgan Grenfell Asset Management (Deutsche Bank) – Operations – London, England the Royal Bank of Canada and the Bank of Montreal, Canada.

James Cappa
Co-Founder, Director

James holds a Bachelor of Education (BSc) degree in science and mathematics from the University of Toronto, a BSc in biology from York University and an Accounting and Finance degree from Brock University. Prior to Gorbyte, he served as Senior Corporate Auditor for the Canada Revenue Agency, involved in the audit and enforcement of the Income Tax Act concerning Aggressive Tax Planning arrangements. In addition, James was responsible for implementing a review of Public Corporation elections filed across Canada including “Offering memorandums”, exempt status documentation, the election to be a Public Corporation and shareholder lists, and the review of the shares issued by Public Corporations for the purpose of raising funds.

Lisa Williams
Co-Founder, Director, Director of Business Development

Lisa is a graduate of Fleming College in Human Resources Management, and Centennial College in accounting. She is skilled in business development, administration, accounting, macroeconomics, management theory, business law and information systems. She has proven her ability to provide ongoing advice on strategic, operational employee relations and marketing in more than 11 years serving as a Wal-Mart Manager, operating 5 Wal-Mart locations. Currently, Lisa is also a Director of Sijgale Property Management. She has experience in managing complex projects including liaison with Engineering, Manufacturing Team and Sales to meet required industry and government standards.