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Our Network

Gorbyte has developed GNodes, a cryptonetwork that resolves limitations with existing permissioned and unpermissioned crypto-networks by using a majority agreement protocol (MARPLE) that is independent of the network size, greatly reduces the need of broadcasting blocks and reduces the cost of network operation to zero: All network nodes participate in the verification of transactions and assemble their own replica of the blockchain.

Now all fundamental application components (communication, addressability, replication and security, or “C.A.R.S.”) can be included in the GNodes platform to obtain our desired complete solution: A new platform for distributed applications.

With this platform, applications are less costly to develop, simpler and more reliable, extremely scalable, secure and fast.
Application efficiency and cost reduction

The GNodes design allows for the inclusion of the four fundamental components of a distributed application (C.A.R.S.) into its Distributed Operating Environment (DOE). GNodes guarantees a high standard of security and reliability for these components that normally would have to be coded as part of the application.

The application designer can focus on the problem at hand and development and security costs are reduced.

Application scalability

The Gorbyte architecture allows for the unique identification and registration on the blockchain of network users. These can be the parties with a client or server role in an application, or the parties in a peer to peer exchange.

After verifying their respective unique identification on the blockchain, the parties can exchange large amounts of data off-the-blockchain directly among themselves.

This makes applications independent of smart contracts. They can achieve utmost scalability and avoid most of the transaction costs associated with smart contracts.

Such architecture will ensure:

• The scalability of the blockchain, which will be used only to hold critical data and not all data for all applications.
• Faster transactions processing and confirmations, as the load on the blockchain is greatly reduced.
• The utmost scalability of future applications, as they will be able to handle large quantities of data according to their requirements.

Majority Agreement Recursive Protocol based on Logical Environs

The key innovation of the GNodes crypto network is its distributed protocol: MARPLE. All previous consensus protocols were leader based (one node assembled the block to be added to the blockchain, which then had to be broadcast to every other node in the network) making them difficult to scale. 

GNode’s MARPLE involves every node. Independent of the size of the network, each node achieves consensus through a recursive process by cooperated with only a limited set of random peer nodes.